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did u kno: ur icon is actually you in 20 years


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primadonna girl 

✿ all i ever wanted was the world 

Is that bow taped onto that snake

I’m pretty sure that’s kind of a fuckin’ bad thing to do

u fuckin serious m8 it was literally a pencil eraser sized boop of double sided tape gently laid on her head so the bow would stay on 

i promise you my twelve foot long, 30-pound burmese python survived a boop of tape to the noggin


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Not a lot of people are falling over themselves to be friends with Thor. They want to meet him, sure, get a picture of him, but anything beyond that seems beyond the reach of most people. Maybe it’s that he simply comes off as so out of place in the normal world, with his booming…

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i love the Women Against Feminism that are like “I dont need feminism because i can admit i need my husband to open a jar for me and thats ok!” cause listen 1. get a towel 2. get the towel damp 3. put it on the lid and twist. BAM now men are completely useless. you, too, can open a jar. time to get a divorce

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Anonymous said: can a white person be racist towards other white people for instance I'm mostly British but i don't like Slavic/ eastern European people but mostly Slavic people, I've never had any bad feelings towards any POC groups just eastern Europeans does that make me racist?



Ask Jim @terminalimpacts about this cause he explains this topic way better than I can

Hi, Polish girl here.

No, you’re just a shitty person who seeks to validate their xenophobia and hopes to be told it’s not as bad as racism. 
I wonder, what are the reasons you don’t like Slavic people? Possibly mostly Polish. “They take away our jobs!”. “They are dirty!”. “They come to the UK while they could stay in their own country.” “They live off welfare”. “If only all the immigrant Polish girls were as pretty as the girls that stay in Poland.” I’ve heard them all.
Nah, mate, you’re just looking for a scapegoat, one that’s more socially acceptable to have, because you need to hate someone and you can’t deal with your life in a different way. You need your anger towards a group of people you don’t even know to function, and to not think about your own shortcomings.

You could easily hate POC, I’ll bet 10000 euros the reasons you have for hating us would apply to them as well. But it’s okay to openly hate a certain, marginalised group of white people (unless they are Jewish), and so you focus on them. You don’t even belong in cat litter box.

There are Polish people being murdered because they are Polish.  Polish women are raped because they are Polish. It applies to other Slavs as well. Slavic women are sexualised in the media and in porn, and we’re seen as pretty, submissive sex toys.

You don’t fucking know Polish people. Some are horrible, I agree. Just like some Brits are fucking horrible
The new immigrants come mostly from small cities or villages, where they have no perspectives, so they decide to come to the UK to work and live. Poland’s economy is unstable. What do you expect, after centuries of having our land divided between foreign kingdoms, after WW2 and after Soviet occupation? If they don’t work honestly, it’s because they are desperate to get money. They need it to grow. Their families are in need. 

And they do jobs you Brits don’t do anyway.

As for me, for example? I want to study in England and get a job there because I believe you have better higher education in relation to my interests, and I want to be a criminal profiler. You have way more interesting criminals than Poland, after all.

There are Polish men raping and murdering Brits. There are Polish women who have babies just to live on welfare. Aren’t there any Brits like this? Of course there are. Why, Brits are famous in Poland for getting so pissed they can’t walk straight, vomiting all over themselves and exposing themselves to passersby. For harassing Polish women. There are entire pubs in Cracow not admitting British tourists because of this.

You’re fucking pathetic and disgusting. You shouldn’t be worried if it’s racist because, obviously, the label is going to make you seem really horrible, because you already are horrible.

Go fuck yourself, you pathetic wanker.


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In the end, it will be every man for himself.
↳ The Avengers ensemble in the style of Rome’s character posters. 


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i’ve reblogged this like three times and i still have no idea what the fuck is going on

is this what happens when actors try to leave disney

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This is so fucken accurate it’s unreal.


This is so fucken accurate it’s unreal.

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I’m gonna kick this kid’s ass

my auntie is headteacher at the school that this kid goes to and apparently he asked to receive some sort of medal or something in assembly for this



I’m gonna kick this kid’s ass

my auntie is headteacher at the school that this kid goes to and apparently he asked to receive some sort of medal or something in assembly for this

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